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Hungary’s PM says 97% of country’s citizens oppose anti-Russian sanctions

Viktor Orban recalled that even at the beginning of last year he was pushed to actively intervene in the Ukrainian conflict

BUDAPEST, January 27. /TASS/. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that in his discussions with the European Union he is going to rely on the results of national consultations, according to which 97% of the country's citizens oppose sanctions against Russia.

He made this statement speaking on the Kossuth radio station on Friday. He also said that he will appear personally in Brussels to sit down and talk about these issues.

"National consultations have clearly shown that the Hungarians do not want sanctions, because they will not help Ukraine, they will not bring Russia to its knees and will only cause terrible damage to Europe and Hungary," the head of government said.

According to him, the results of the national consultations will significantly help discussions with the leadership of the EU and other countries. "The Prime Minister will be at the negotiating table in Brussels, and he will not be defeated, he will defend our national interests," Orban assured.

He also said that Hungary is guided by the interests of its own security in its approach to the conflict in Ukraine and therefore is not at war with anyone.

"Hungary's security comes first for us, and that is why Hungary is not at war with anyone," he said.

The head of government recalled that even at the beginning of last year he was pushed to actively intervene in the Ukrainian conflict, and such calls were made both from Brussels and from the Hungarian political opposition.

"The left-wing [parties] have said they will do what the international community says," he said, adding that if the left-wing parties won the elections and came to power, then the Hungarians would now "be up to their eyes" in the conflict, "like the Germans."

According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, elementary human feelings and moral principles demand that "everything possible be done to cease fire and start negotiations" on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict.

Earlier this week, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, speaking about the supply of German tanks to Ukraine, said that Europe should do more for Ukraine's defense. According to Baerbock, the most important and crucial thing is that European countries have to "work together and not play the ‘blame’ game in Europe, as they are "waging war against Russia, not against each other.".