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Woman killed in Kakhovka as result of shelling by Ukrainian army

Another one wounded

GENICHESK, January 22. /TASS/. One woman was killed and another one was wounded as a result of Saturday’s shelling attacks in Kakhovka in the Kherson region, the city’s administration said on Sunday.

A spokesman for the local emergencies services said on Saturday that Ukrainian troops has fired four artillery shells at the city of kakhovka, damaging a private house. The data on casualties was not available.

"Yesterday, on January 21, Kakhovka came under shelling by Ukrainian militants several times during the day. As a result of a shelling attack on a musical school, a woman was killed. One more woman was wounded and taken to a hospital. Private houses were damaged. Civilians continue to suffer as a result of the Ukrainian army’s military aggression," the Kakhovka administration wrote on its Telegram channel.

Ukraine’s army continues to shell cities located on the Dnieper left bank: Alyoshki, Golaya Pristan, Kakhovka, and Novaya Kakhovka. Shelling attacks are reported practically every day.