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Cuba’s largest news portal had its Facebook page blocked on Sunday

On Sunday, Cubans voted in municipal elections

HAVANA, November 28. /TASS/. Cubadebate, one of Cuba’s largest media outlets, reported on Sunday that it could not publish on its Facebook (a social media site banned in Russia since it is owned by Meta corporation deemed extremist by Russian authorities) page.

"In another punitive action, Cubadebate is prevented from publishing on its Facebook page on such an important day for Cuba. The administrators and editors of Cubadebate do not have permission to publish on their page on that social network today [on Sunday]," the portal complained. "Is it a coincidence that this happens today, on the day of the municipal elections in Cuba? Nope. We once again denounce these censorship practices."

According to Cubadebate, the social network confirmed that the portal’s permission to publish had been temporarily blocked. Created in May 2009, the Cubadebate page on Facebook has over 850,000 followers.

On Sunday, Cubans voted in municipal elections. More than 5.3 million people cast their votes.