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Donetsk militia retakes 17 communities in Donbass - deputy commander

Basurin said that the DPR militia continued to liberate the Donetsk Region

DONETSK, February 27. /TASS/. The Donetsk People’s Militia has taken 17 Donbass communities, previously controlled by the Ukrainian army, the militia’s deputy chief, Eduard Basurin, said on Sunday.

"As of February 27, 2022, the DPR People's Militia liberated seventeen communities that had been previously under the control of the Ukrainian army: Pavlopol, Pishchevik, Viktorovka, Bogdanovka, Novognatovka, Nikolaevka, Rybinsk, Trudovskoye, Vasilievka, Prokhorovka, Starognatovka, Svobodnoye, Donskoye, Anadol, Andreyevka, Gnutovo and Granitnoye," he stated.

Basurin said that the DPR militia continued to liberate the Donetsk Region. It has just put under control the communities of Dmitrovka, Svobodnoye, Donskoye and Anadol.

"Our forces continue the operation to liberate the villages of Bugas, Kamenka and Volnovakha. Also, they take the necessary measures to ensure security and provide assistance to the civilian population. My message to the Ukrainian soldiers is this! Do remain human. You still have a chance to save your lives and get back to your families, if you voluntarily refuse to obey the criminal orders from your commanders and give up participation in hostilities," Basurin said.