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UK ships anti-tank grenade launchers to Ukraine, DPR says

This is a relatively nonthreatening type of weapon, its range is under 800 meters, Eduard Basurin noted

MOSCOW, January 18. /TASS/. London shipped handheld grenade launchers with range of up to 800 meters within a new aid package due to the alleged concentration of Russian forces near Ukrainian border, Donetsk People’s Militia deputy head Eduard Basurin said in an interview for Rossiya-1 Tuesday.

"This is a relatively nonthreatening [type of weapon], its range is under 800 meters; these are handheld grenade launchers for light armored vehicles. What we don’t know is the goal: to write off funds, to embezzle or to arm the Ukrainian Army this way," he said.

"This cannot be threatening for us in principle, we are not afraid of that," Basurin said.

On Monday, Ukrainian Defense Secretary Ben Wallace stated that the UK prepared a new aid package for Kiev which should reinforce Ukraine’s defense potential. According to Wallace, the package includes light anti-tank weapons due to the alleged concentration of Russian forces near Ukrainian border. He claimed that the weapons have small range and are not strategically meaningful and do not pose threat to Russia. He also confirmed that the UK will send a group of servicemen who will instruct Ukrainian soldiers and officers and will return back to the UK later.

Ukrainian media speculate that London shipped Swedish-developed NLAW light anti-tank systems that fire guided missiles with maximum range of 1 km.