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Cell immunity formed in 93.2% of volunteers following inoculation with Sputnik M

Sputnik M vaccine will be used to prevent the infection in teens aged 12-17

MOSCOW, November 25. /TASS/. Cell immunity has formed in 93.2% of volunteers following vaccination with the Sputnik M jab against coronavirus for teenagers, according to the vaccine’s manual.

It reads "Immunization with the Gam-COVID-Vac-M preparation forms antigen-specific cell anti-infective immunity in 93.2% of screened volunteers".

It is noted that when studying the humoral immune response, the volunteers’ sera were tested for the presence of antibodies on Day 42 after inoculation: "The level of seroconversion amounted to 100%." At the same time, it is pointed out that the protective antibody titer as well as the duration of the protection are currently unknown.

Side effects following vaccination with the Sputnik M jab are predominantly mild or moderate and occur during the first two days, according to the manual. "All adverse effects resulted in recovery without consequences, laboratory deviations were not clinically significant," according to the text. It is noted that temporary general effects can develop more often, such as a flu-like syndrome with elevated body temperature, headache and general fatigue as well as topical ones - pain at injection site, swelling, and others.

Contraindications to the use of Sputnik M have been published, they include severe allergic reactions, acute infectious and non-communicable diseases. Sputnik M should be used with caution with chronic liver and kidney diseases, as well as the diseases of the endocrine system. Vaccination with Sputnik M may present a risk for patients with autoimmune diseases and malignant tumors, the manual says. Additionally, hypersensitivity to any of the vaccine’s components is also among the contraindications.

It is noted that the decision on inoculation should be based on the evaluation of the risk and benefits ratio in each particular case.

Russia's Health Ministry certified the Sputnik M vaccine against coronavirus which will be used to prevent the infection in teens aged 12-17. The vaccine consists of two shots administered with an interval of 21 days. The ministry noted that teenagers aged 12-15 can be inoculated only with the permission of parents or guardians, while those over 15 need to provide their own written informed voluntary consent.