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Sudanese army has situation under control after failed coup plot — TV

The country’s government and the Council are operating as usual

CAIRO, September 21. / TASS /. An unsuccessful coup plot took place in Sudan, the Al Arabiya TV channel said on Tuesday.

According to the TV channel, the takeover attempt has failed, while "the army and regular troops are keeping the situation under control." It is also reported that tanks appeared on the streets of Khartoum, while servicemen temporarily blocked all bridges across the Nile River.

The leadership of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Sovereign Council, governing the country, urged its citizens on state television to "stand up for the country in such challenging times." Meanwhile, it is noted that the country’s government and the Council are operating as usual.

According to Al Arabiya’s preliminary data, a group of officials and supporters of former President Omar al-Bashir are behind the failed coup scheme. Furthermore, several military officers have been taken into custody. The rebels tried to seize the state radio station’s building, but the attempt failed.