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Ukrainian lawmaker found dead with gunshot wound — interior ministry

Police and prosecutors are looking into all possible versions of the tragedy

KIEV, May 23. /TASS/. Ukrainian police are investigating the death of Ukrainian parliament member Valery Davydenko, who was found dead in his office with a gunshot wound to the head, Ukrainian Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said on Saturday.

"Today, people’s deputy Valery Davydenko was found dead in the toilet room of his own office, with a fatal gunshot wound to the head," he wrote on Facebook.

Police and prosecutors are looking into "all possible versions of the tragedy," Gerashchenko added.

Earlier, Ukrainian media reported that the lawmaker’s body was discovered by a janitor. A pistol was found next to him.

According to the website of Ukraine’s unicameral parliament, Verkhovna Rada, Valery Davydenko was born on March 16, 1973. He was elected as a self-designated candidate from a single-seat constituency and was not affiliated with any political party. Davydenko was a member of the Trust parliamentary group.

In the previous convocation of Ukraine’s parliament, Davydenko was a member of the pro-presidential Pyotr Poroshenko bloc. During the presidency of Viktor Yanukovich in 2013-2014, he served as a deputy minister of agrarian policy and food.