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More than 20 Kurdish fighters killed in two days in Turkish operation in Syria

Earlier, it was reported that the Syrian Democratic Forces were blocked in Tell Abyad after the Turkish forces and the Syrian opposition took under control communities to the east and west of the town

MOSCOW, October 11. /TASS/. Twenty-two fighters of the Arab-Kurdish armed coalition Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been killed during the past two days as a result of the operation of the Turkish armed forces in northern Syria, TV channel Al Arabiya reported on Friday, citing the SDF’s statement.

Earlier on Friday TV channel Al Jazeera reported that the SDF were blocked in the town of Tell Abyad (Raqqa Governorate) after the Turkish armed forces and the Syrian opposition units that support them took under control communities located east and west of the town.

On October 9, Ankara declared that Operation Peace Spring will be carried out in northern Syria. It started with Turkish air strikes on Kurdish positions. The goal is to create a buffer zone there which is to become a protective belt for the Turkish border. Syrian refugees will be able to return there from Turkey, according to Ankara’s plans. News agency SANA called the operation aggression, and the global community denounced Ankara’s actions.