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Putin cautions Iran, Saudi Arabia against turning Syria into site for confrontation

SOCHI, October 3./TASS/. Russia urges Iran and Saudi Arabia not to use the Syrian territory as a site for confrontation, President Vladimir Putin told a session of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday.

"Confrontation between the biggest and most influential countries of the region cannot but affect the entire situation in that region of the globe, including the situation in Syria," Putin stressed. "I know that the leadership of Saudi Arabia, where I will pay a visit shortly, and the leadership of Iran (we stay in constant touch with the Iranian colleagues, and I have met with the Iranian president these days) - they want peace for the Syrian people, wish them well," Putin said.

"And we urge them to be guided by these noble motives and make every effort in order not to use the Syrian territory as a site for confrontation," Putin stressed.