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Moldovan president to make private visit to Moscow

Igor Dodon said he wanted to "chill out together" with his family members

CHISINAU, February 28. /TASS/. Moldovan President Igor Dodon will make a private visit to Moscow over the weekend, as he himself told TASS on Thursday.

"Although as president, I did not stand in the recent parliamentary election, as well as my family members, I got tired of the election campaign. We want to chill out together this weekend. My eldest son does music, so we plan to attend a concert while in Moscow," Dodon said.

The Moldovan president said earlier in an interview with TASS that he had been a target for attacks from election contenders during the campaign. According to Dodon, every day several news conferences took place, which "aimed to damage the president and the Socialists who support him." He emphasized that he did not plan to settle scores with reporters though they often times crossed the red line with their criticism.

Dodon has visited Russia about 30 times since being elected president, particularly making private visits. This year, he has already visited Moscow twice.