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US Senate approves bill on sanctions against Syria and its allies

The initiative was supported by the Senate’s republican majority

WASHINGTON, February 5. /TASS/. The Senate of the US Congress on Tuesday approved a bill imposing sanctions on Syria and its allies, including Russia and Iran, according to a live broadcast of the session by the C-SPAN TV channel.

The initiative, introduced about a month ago, was supported by the Senate’s republican majority and received the support of 77 senators, while 23 voted against it. The 50-page bill is yet to gain approval from the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats. Their leaders have already expressed their intention to ditch the initiative, at least in its present form.

The Democrats blocked the discussion on the bill several times before, saying they will not vote on documents not related to the resumption of the federal government’s work, regardless of their contents.

About the bill

The initiative introduces sanctions against entities cooperating with Syrian President Bashar Asad and his government, including in aviation and oil trade, and with the republic’s Central Bank. It also envisages sanctions on Russia and Iran for helping Syria, including militarily.

Besides, the document envisages signing additional agreements on military cooperation with Jordan and granting Israel an annual military aid of $3.3 billion (now stands at about $3 billion).