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OSCE coordinator’s initiative reveals his irresponsible attitude to mission — LPR

LPR's foreign minister Vladislav Deinego said that the Minsk Agreements remain the only instrument "to contain armed confrontation and reach a compromise by political means"
LPR's foreign minister Vladislav Deinego TASS
LPR's foreign minister Vladislav Deinego

LUGANSK, January 28. /TASS/. The latest initiative from Martin Sajdik, Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, who suggested a new plan of settling the situation in Donbass, only gives away his irresponsible attitude to his mission, foreign minister of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) Vladislav Deinego said on Monday.

Sajdik said in an interview with Austria’s Kleine Zeitung last week that there was a certain new plan of settlement in Donbass instead of the Minsk Agreements that provides for sending a United Nations police mission to Ukraine and establishing an agency for the region’s revival under the European Union’s auspices.

"Mr. Sajdik’s words pronounced in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung that there is no complete clarity in the Minsk Agreements, first of all, give away his irresponsible attitude to his role as the Contact Group coordinator. His task is to create conditions for a constructive dialogue between the parties to the conflict in Donbass and encourage them to implement their liabilities under the Minsk accords," he said in a statement released by LuganskInformCenter.

"It is generally known that the Minsk accords say that specifics of political settlement are to be agreed with representatives of the republics [of Donbass]. Under these accords, a law on [Donbass’] special status was to be adopted before the end of 2015. These agreements were endorsed by United Nations Security Council Resolution 2202," he stressed, adding that four years have passed since then.

"And where is the special status? And where is Mr. Sajdik’s reaction to the Ukrainian government’s and president’s dodging implementation of the document they signed?" Deinego said. He stressed that the Minsk Agreements are the only instrument "making it possible for the Donbass representatives to conduct direct talks with the Ukrainian authorities, the only possibility to contain armed confrontation and reach a compromise by political means."

"Such irresponsible statements by the special representative of the OSCE chairperson-in-office to the Minsk Contact Group in no way promote stabilization of the situation in the conflict zone. On the contrary, they only complicate the peaceful settlement talks. This way the OSCE high-ranking officer unknowingly plays into the hands of Kiev’s party of war and plays down the efficiency of the efforts taken by this authoritative international organization," Deinego said.