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Pushilin urges Donetsk Republic’s people to stay united ahead of elections

The DPR acting leader recalled the 2014 elections when "we did make our choice"

DONETSK, November 9. /TASS/. The acting leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, has called on the people to stay united to let the republic proceed with successful development.

He said that four years ago the Donetsk republic’s residents made their historical choice to gain freedom.

"In the history of each people there are turning points when it changes the course of life once and for all," he said. "We did make our choice. Donbass changed the course of its history forever and there can be no backtracking. It was a difficult choice to make, a complicated step, indeed. It was really a heroic accomplishment by our brave people."

"The war is not over yet," he said at a gala rally devoted to the forthcoming election of the Donetsk Republic’s leader and People’s Council, due on November 11. "Peace has not been restored to our land yet. The construction of our state is still in progress, but we know what to do and what makes us strong. We triumphed because we learned how to be united, we learned how to be one whole, one people."

"Now we are to take one more step - to rally together and move on towards more victories," he said. "Let us make this step and this important choice. We shall move only forward."

The gala rally in support of the forthcoming elections and Donbass unity in the center of Donetsk gathered a crowd of 13,000.