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Al-Nusra terrorists, armed opposition agree on ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib - TV

The ceasefire comes after a feud that had lasted for more than two months

TASS, April 28. The Jabhat al-Nusra terror group (outlawed in Russia) and the Syrian opposition’s armed units agreed to establish a ceasefire across Syria’s Idlib province, the Al Mayadeen TV channel reported.

The ceasefire was declared after a feud that had lasted for more than two months. According to the report, during the clashes and terror attacks some 1,000 militants died and 3,000 others were wounded. The military actions also hit the neighboring provinces of Aleppo and Hama.

Al-Nusra’s leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani immediately agreed on the ceasefire given that 750 militants of the group had been killed, which is the highest death toll, the report said.

The adversaries of Al-Nusra joined in the Syrian Liberation Front, which is backed by Turkey. Ankara, as one of guarantor states of the Syrian ceasefire, oversees the Idlib de-escalation zone.

However, the truce was violated several times on Friday by powerful blasts in the Idlib provincial center, some 320 km from Damascus. During these explosions, field commanders from both sides were killed. According to the TV channel, a curfew was introduced for three days in Idlib starting from Friday afternoon.

The United Nations’ agencies, which provide humanitarian assistance to the civilian population, have voiced concerns over the deteriorating situation in the province. This region in Syria’s northwest bordering Turkey has been controlled by the armed groups since 2014 and remains their major foothold.