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Poll reveals more than 81% of Russians plan to vote in upcoming presidential election

At least 11.6% of those surveyed have not yet decided on whether to vote

MOSCOW, February 22. /TASS/. More than 81% of Russians who took part in a survey by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center expressed their intention to vote in the presidential election on March 18, according to the materials obtained by TASS from center’s survey.

According to the poll, "the declared level of public participation in the polls is 81.1% according to data for the week of February 12 to 18." This is the share of respondents that answered they "will vote" (including "will definitely vote" and "will probably vote") to the question on participation in the presidential election.

There were 80.4% of them among those polled on February 9-11. In early January, this indicator was 78.5%, and it was 81.3% for the poll of January 26-28, and 79.3% for the poll of January 29 - February 4. So, this indicator "remains in the narrow range of 78.5% - 81.3%," the Public Opinion Research Center said.

According to the survey, 7.3% of the respondents do not plan to take part in the voting, and 11.6% of those surveyed have not yet decided on whether they’ll go or not.

The Russian national poll dubbed "Sputnik" was conducted on February 12-18, 2018, by telephone among a stratified dual-frame random sample of landline and mobile numbers of 7,000 adult respondents.

The sample is based on a full list of telephone numbers in operation on Russia’s territory. The sampling data weighting was based on the probabilities of selection and socio-demographic factors. The margin of sampling error does not exceed 1.2% with a 95% probability. Apart from the sampling error, question wordings and various circumstances arising in the process of the fieldwork may affect the polling results.