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Kremlin hails years of Russian and Chinese media as highly successful humanitarian project

The two countries have made a leap forward in media cooperation

MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. The Kremlin sees the bilateral years of Russian and Chinese media (2016-2017) as one of the most successful projects in humanitarian cooperation, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Administration Alexey Gromov said at a reception at the Chinese Embassy in Moscow wrapping up the bilateral years.

"Today, I am glad to sum up the results of one of the most ambitious, and I am not afraid to say - most successful projects - in bilateral humanitarian cooperation of Russia and China: bilateral years of our media," Gromov said.

He said the two countries have made a leap forward in media cooperation, stressing that this cooperation "is extremely necessary".

According to Gromov, more than 250 events were held within the framework of the project, "at a very high professional level". He gave high marks to media forums of Russia and China held over the past few years, noting their evolution.

He also said the launch of the Russian TV channel Katyusha in China was among the major events in cooperation between TV media. The Kremlin official praised Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui for his excellent command of the Russian language. "Mr. Ambassador, you should carry your diplomatic ID, otherwise they won’t believe that you didn't grow up in Russia," he joked.

The new TV channel, Katyusha, broadcasts mostly movies and documentaries, Russian soap operas, TV shows, music programs, programs telling about the tourism capabilities of Russia’s regions and concerts by Russian artists popular in China. Besides, there are also programs for kids.