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Court gives hit-and-run driver 3 years in penal colony in ‘intoxicated boy’ case

The IC experts said the boy was in good health

MOSCOW, November 15. /TASS/. A Moscow regional court found Olga Alisova guilty and sentenced her to three years in colony on Wednesday for running over and killing a six-year-old boy in the town of Balashikha near Moscow this April.

"The court has ruled that Alisova is guilty and sentenced her to three years in a penal colony and banned her to drive cars in the following two years and six months," Judge Vladimir Shekhun read out the court’s ruling.

The court ordered to pay compensation of 60,000 rubles ($997) for material damage and of 2.5 million rubles ($41,546) for moral damage to claimants.

The high-profile tragedy that sparked a prolonged controversy occurred in Balashikha’s Pavlino neighborhood near Moscow on April 23, 2017. The boy suffered lethal injuries when hit by a car driven by Olga Alisova, 31, a resident of the Moscow Region.

Originally, a local forensic examiner produced a controversial and suspiciously looking conclusion the boy was heavily drunk. If the blood alcohol content mentioned in the local forensic examiner’s conclusion was to be believed, the boy had just had 250 grams (a large glass) of strong alcohol like vodka.

Later, Russia’s Investigative Committee announced the results of a comprehensive forensic examination, ordered with the aim to find out whether the six-year-old boy was sober.

The comprehensive examination found that the boy at the moment of his death on the road was absolutely sober. Although chemical analysis did identify the presence of alcohol in the test blood sample, it also proved its "posthumous origin." The examined blood sample contained no traces of ethyl glucoronide - a telltale confirming the alcohol was taken by the victim before death.

Also, the IC experts said the boy was in good health.