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Putin says everything should be allowed on Internet within law

Russia has no censorship in any sector, Putin noted

SOCHI, July 21. /TASS/. Russia has no censorship in any sector and everything should be allowed which is not forbidden by law, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the televised "Serious Talk with Vladimir Putin" Q&A with children held at the Sirius Educational Centre for Gifted Children in Sochi on Friday.

"We have no censorship in any sector. About the Internet and freedom, I have already told you that I believe freedom is one of the fundamental values. Speaking about this as you remember, I said that it either ends or somehow transforms there, where we bump into another person’s freedom," he said. "Also, it refers to freedom on the Internet. Everything should be allowed there that is not banned by law."

Putin pointed out that among examples of destructive activities on the Internet, which should be cut short, are propaganda of terrorism, drug trafficking and so-called ‘death groups’ inciting teenagers to take their lives.

"The same laws that regulate public and state activities in other aspects should be effective on the Internet as well," Putin said in conclusion.