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Russian married couple appeals court ruling to extradite them from Italy to France

The Russians' lawyer said that they were detained at the end of August when they arrived on vacation

ROME, September 25. /TASS/. A young married couple from St. Petersburg, who were detained in Italy under a Europol warrant that was issued at the request of France, are challenging an extradition ruling, Renato Musella, a lawyer for the couple, told TASS.

He said they were detained in late August when they came for a vacation.

"In France they are facing charges for information technology crimes (hacking). Initially, the appeals court in Italy rejected the extradition request due to insufficient materials from the investigation, which has not yet been completed. Then the judicial commission changed, and when materials from France were sent again, the request was granted. Now it is being challenged in the court of appeals," the lawyer said.

According to the attorney, the Russians are being held in a pre-trial detention cell. They were visited by diplomats from the Russian Consulate General in Milan. The Russians reject all charges and have refused extradition to France, where they will have to stand trial if extradited. The lawyer expressed the opinion that "political considerations prevail over legal considerations" in this case.