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LPR servicemen subjected to torture in Ukrainian captivity — rights commissioner

In Viktoria Serdyukova words, Ukraine’s treatment of PoWs remains exactly the same as before

LUGANSK, October 20. /TASS/. Servicemen of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR)'s militia were subjected to torture while in Ukrainian captivity, LPR human rights commissioner Viktoria Serdyukova said on Wednesday.

"I saw scars, healing wounds, fresh wounds, and even a missing eye - evidence of all sorts of torture and brutal treatment they were subjected to while in Ukrainian captivity," she said, after visiting swapped prisoners of war currently being treated in the Republican Clinical Hospital of Lugansk.

In her words, Ukraine’s treatment of PoWs remains exactly the same as before.

"The stories the captives tell about their imprisonment in Ukraine are exactly the same as those told by servicemen freed in July and earlier. These are stories of [the Ukrainian military’s] total disregard of the Geneva convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war," Serdyukova said.

The commissioner described the health condition of former prisoners as "unsatisfactory."

"Their health condition is unsatisfactory. <…> First of all, they are receiving medical and psychological assistance, and are now being examined by practically all types of doctors. In future, all of them will require medical treatment, including surgical operations in some cases," she added.

The press service of the Lugansk People’s Militia said earlier this week that 11 servicemen returned home from the Ukrainian captivity on October 17. They were admitted to the Republican Clinical Hospital of Lugansk.