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Poll reveals how many Russians stopped using Instagram

Some respondents said that they had freed more personal time

MOSCOW, May 17. /TASS/. More than a third of Russians stopped using Instagram (a social media site banned in Russia since it is owned by Meta corporation deemed extremist by Russian authorities), according to an online poll of the service that published the results of an online survey conducted on May 5 to 15 among 2,100 respondents.

"Thirty-eight percent of the respondents stopped using Instagram. More than a third realized that they hadn’t missed anything and had freed more personal time (35%), 24% of those surveyed don’t use the network as they are against its policy, 22% of respondents don’t want to install an extra app on their smartphones, 7% of those polled have problems with VPN as it slows other apps, and 12% of respondents support all the above-mentioned reasons. Almost a half of those surveyed who stopped using Instagram (45%) switched to VK, 39% moved to Telegram, 9% switched to Odnoklassniki, and 7% of respondents said that they don’t use any social network," the results of the poll specified.

Less than a fifth of those polled (14%) also had a business account on Instagram. More than a half of those who had such an account moved to another social network (57%), and 15% of those surveyed were already present on other social networks and simply warned their subscribers that they would leave. 28% of respondents didn’t switch to another social network for work, simply abandoning Instagram. Forty-three percent of those polled managed to successfully switch to another social network, 21% did not manage to restructure processes, 14% are now actively working on other platforms. Twenty-two percent of respondents didn’t have any difficulties with other social networks.