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About 2.7 mln volunteers in Russia, including over 300,000 students, Deputy PM says

During the pandemic about 65,000 volunteer medics were helping fight the coronavirus infection

MOSCOW, December 5. /TASS/. About 2.7 mln people in Russia are involved in volunteering activities, including over 300,000 students. Nowadays, the contribution of the volunteers is felt in many spheres, during the pandemic alone about 65,000 volunteer medics were helping fight the coronavirus infection, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said on Sunday.

"At the president’s initiative, an association of volunteer centers was created in the country. As of today, in Russia, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, there are about 2.7 mln volunteers, including over 300,000 university students. It is impossible to imagine any large-scale event without the participation of the volunteers. Their activity helps in sports, the cultural sphere, the social protection of residents," the deputy prime minister’s address made available to TASS said on the occasion of the Volunteer Day.

He added that he was happy that the volunteer movement attracted the increasing interest of young people. For example, during the Sochi Olympics, tens of thousands of volunteers were involved whose "contribution is difficult to overestimate."

According to the deputy prime minister, lately, the volunteer movement has significantly supported the entire state system under complex pandemic conditions. "The volunteers helped the elderly with the housework, brought them food and medications, provided moral and psychological support to patients and their relatives. There were about 65,000 volunteer medics alone working nationwide during the pandemic, including 35,000 at medical organizations. Nowadays, volunteering is an enormous and powerful driving force uniting people of all ages from all parts of the country which demonstrated the capability to endure any trials," he said, adding that anyone can become a volunteer now.

The National Volunteer Day is marked in Russia on December 5, on the same day with the International Volunteer Day worldwide. Since 2015, Russia has been holding an annual forum of volunteers which received the international status in 2018.