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Participants from 91 countries register for St. Petersburg Cultural Forum 2019

The forum's events will be carried out at 90 venues

ST. PETERSBURG, November 13. /TASS/. Guests of the 8th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, which will kick off in less than a day away, will come from 91 countries. About 37,000 people registered to join the forum’s events, Andris Ulyanov, a representative for the event’s administration told journalists on Wednesday.

"Thirty-seven thousand people registered, who come from 91 countries," he said, specifying that the event had drawn about 29,000 participants in 2018.

About 13,500 participants will be involved in professional events for specialists in the sphere of culture, which will include discussions, lectures, scientific conferences and seminars. More than 23,000 people also signed up for public events that are going to be held free of charge for St. Petersburg’s guests and residents, including open lectures, master classes, performances and concerts.

The forum's events - more than 300 - will be carried out at 90 venues. The most important venues will be the Hermitage General Staff Building, where tens of halls were prepared by organizers, and the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Structures are being put up and rooms are being prepared almost round-the-clock in the run-up to the forum, the representative for the forum’s administration said.

Events in the Manege

The Manege has been among the forum’s main venues for three years already, its Director Pavel Prigara said, and its space will host several dozen events. They will be held amid the large-scale exhibition project Deyneka/Samokhvalov, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birthday of renowned Soviet painter Alexander Deyneka. Those participating in these professional and public events will be able to visit the exposition, on the topic of sports, during the timeframe of the forum, while it is opened to general public on November 18.

Prigara announced "a substantial conversation on the cultural program within the UEFA Euro" involving Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and a lecture by Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, a symposium on Soviet art with participation of directors of major museums from around the world, a discussion on the effect of holding a biennale in non-capital cities, and the Culture 2.0 open lecture course devoted to new technologies in Russian culture will be conducted.

The business venue will be held in the Russian Museum of Ethnography. The Mariinsky Theater, the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella, the Saint Petersburg Philharmonia, the Alexandrinsky Theater along with other institutions will also host the forum’s events.


The forum


The 8th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, organized by the Russian government, the Culture Ministry and the government of St. Petersburg will run from November 14-16, 2019. Its main topic is "Cultural codes in conditions of globalization." A business program for experts from various spheres of culture and a festival part, which includes cultural events will be held during the period of the forum.

TASS is the forum’s general information partner and official photo host agency and also conducts the Mass Communications section in which cultural figures and representatives for foreign media will participate. There are plans during the sessions to discuss viral content, the influence of fake news on the media and questions on ethical journalism in today’s press.