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Attacks on Russian Internet resources come primarily from US, says Lavrov

The Russian minister said Moscow proposed "to publish this exchange of messages between the agencies dealing with avoiding incidents in the cyberspace," but the US administration refused to do that

SOCHI, May 14. /TASS/. The majority of the attacks targeting Russian Internet resources originate from the US territory, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday.

"We have repeatedly suggested revving contacts on cybersecurity issues, which would set up a framework for us to discuss any concerns," the Minister pointed out. "Attacks on our Internet resources, the majority of them, come from the US. Therefore, we have something to discuss."

"Since 2013, we have had an information sharing channel on the possible, undeliberate risks arising in the cyberspace. And from October 2016, when the US democratic administration raised this issue for the first time, to January 2017 until the inauguration of [US President] Donald Trump we have traffic of questions and answers flowing via this channel," Lavrov stressed. "Not so long ago, when the attacks on Russia relating to the alleged interference in the election reached its climax, we proposed to publish this exchange of messages between the agencies dealing with avoiding incidents in the cyberspace." According to the Minister, the US administration refused to do that.

"I do not know who made this decision, but the publication of materials was blocked by the US side. Although we believe that making this information public would erase a great part of the insinuations that are being spread right now," he added. Lavrov also stressed that the Russian side will not unilaterally publish these exchanges.

"I confirm that we want and are willing to address the issues arising in the cyberspace with our US partners professionally, without any emotions or politicization, ideologization, without attempts to make this topic the main issue in the domestic political struggle in the US," Lavrov said.