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The Silver Galosh award became a political anti-prize

The Silver Galosh prizes were awarded to Patriarch Kirill, Kristina Potupchik, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and other public and political figures

MOSCOW, June 20 (Itar-Tass) — The 16th awarding ceremony of the anti-prize Silver Galosh was held in Moscow on Monday. All media reported that the nature of the prize changed, as it became political and show business got to background. The founder of the prize – the Silver Rain radio station even deprived its undertaking of its traditional subtitle “For the most dubious achievements in show business”. The Silver Galosh prizes were awarded to Patriarch Kirill, Kristina Potupchik, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and other public and political figures for dubious achievements. Yet, no one from them came to get the prize.

At first the organizers of the Silver Galosh Award decided to promote Patriarch Kirill in the nomination “Hands up to elbow in the miracles” for a miraculous disappearance of the wristwatch from his hand with the assistance of the Photoshop software, then declared him as a winner in this nomination, the Novye Izvestia daily reported. The patriarch has been sharply criticized recently, but it was hard to believe that Kirill could be awarded with the prize, which was presented to Kirkorov and Baskov before. The patriarch was completely laughed down, even the word patriarch was not voiced at all, only the surname Gundayev. An alleged representative of the Breguet Company in Russia went on the stage. “We failed to realize whether or not the patriarch was carrying this wristwatch,” he said in French to the cheers of the audience and showed the box with a new model of this wristwatch. “But if he did not carry this wristwatch, he certainly deserved to have it. We ask Mr. Gundayev to become an image of our company,” he said.

Deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov won in the homophobia’s nomination “Hey, hey – beat the gay”. He offered to ban homosexuality “just until 2025,” the newspaper reported.

The Moskovsky Komsomolets daily reported that Vladimir Zhirinovsky won in the nomination for those “who was running a risk for nothing” for his promo with the donkey. The awarding ceremony ended according to a recent tradition in the Russian capital and all dressed up guests were dispersed as an unauthorized rally.

Respected and worthy personalities rather than the vices of show business as before were taken in the satirical way, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily believes. Russian Patriarch Kirill with his notorious shaded wristwatch won in the first nomination. But why a slight irony, which the Silver Galosh Award was always famous for, should have been turned in insults? The mockers got down to practical jokes that were just indecent to voice.

The newspaper published the statements by officials of the Russian Orthodox Church to this effect. For instance, Chairman of the Synodal information department of the Russian Orthodox Church Vladimir Legoida said with regret about the lack of basic ethical principles in people, who conferred the Silver Galosh prize on the patriarch. “I am feeling sincerely pity about people with bad taste, the lack of the elementary culture of conduct and without basic ethical principles,’ he stated. “I am feeling a great pity that people waste their time for things, which consciously insult not only the supreme hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, but also all believers. This is all that I can say about this so-called ‘prize’,” he stated.

“In the society there are always some people, who were called as jokers,” patriarch’s spokesman Alexander Volkov recalled. “But the clowns can be different. In this situation we faced the fact that people are seeking to impose some opinions on the reality and tastes to other people, but they are at an extremely low stage of intellectual development themselves,” he said.