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Case of actress Marina Golub’s death in road accident to be heard on merits by Moscow court on July 4

The court conducted the preliminary hearing of the case

MOSCOW, June 24 (Itar-Tass) - Moscow’s Nikulinsky court on Monday fixed for July 4 hearing on the merits the case of actress Marina Golub’s death in a road accident.

The court conducted the preliminary hearing of the case which had earlier been returned to the prosecutor's office, as there were discrepancies as to the date of the actress’s death and came to the conclusion that all formal obstacles to the hearing had been removed. There will be open hearing.

In accordance with law, the public prosecutor, at the first meeting, will read out the conclusion about the crime, and the defendant, Alexei Rusakov, will express his opinion.

Marina Golub was killed in a road accident in Moscow on the night to October 10, 2012 when Rusakov, driving a Cadillac, ignored, as police established, red lights at the crossing of the streets. His car rammed the Hyundai car in which the actress travelled. Then a Kia and a Lada cars rammed the automobile, too. Golub and the driver of the Hyundai were killed. The driver of the Cadillac fled the scene of the accident.

On the night to October 13 Rusakov placed in the internet a video address in which he confessed to being at the wheel of the Cadillac. He explained fleeing the scene of the accident by being in a shock. He was soon detained. The maximum punishment his crime carries is eight years of the deprivation of freedom.

Despite the objections of Rusakov’s defense, the court extended his stay in custody by six months. The lawyers’ request for another return of the case to the prosecutor’s office, allegedly to remove technical infringements, was rejected.