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Putin urges restraint against jumping on the 'world domination bandwagon'

Putin said that "the Nazi industry of mass extermination of humans remains terrifying today"

MOSCOW, January 29. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for resisting the attempts to ride the world domination bandwagon.

"Our memory is a warning against the attempts to ride the world domination bandwagon, to declare, build, and assert one’s own greatness on the basis of racial, ethnic or any other supremacy," he said on Monday while attending activities dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the anniversary of the full liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi Siege at Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

"Russia is emphatically against such attempts," Putin said. "The Nazi industry of mass extermination of humans remains terrifying today."

The activities also involve Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom Putin has already had talks.

Putin vowed that Russia would continue to pass the truth about the heroes of the struggle against Nazism on to future generations. As an example, he mentioned the feat of Red Army officer Aleksandr Pechersky, who arranged an uprising in the concentration camp Sobibor.

"Those people were defending their right to life and defied the fear of death. Doomed but not broken, they managed to attain victory," he added.

Putin said the moral strength and faith in victory helped survive the residents of besieged Leningrad.

"Their heroism is one of the most outstanding and most amazing manifestations of the people’s courage," he said.

Putin also said that politicians, public figures and religious leaders worldwide must prevent the weed of nationalism from growing.

Putin stated that Russia valued Israel’s attitude to the history of World War II. "It is particularly important against the background of events taking place in a number of European countries, where Soviet war memorials are desecrated, though a great many of Soviet soldiers sacrificed their lives to free prisoners of Nazi death camps and save Europe and the entire world from Nazism." "I am confident that politicians, public figures and religious leaders must do everything possible to preserve historical memory in the 21st century and prevent the weed of nationalism from growing, regardless of the form it takes, be it antisemitism, hatred against Russians or any other phobia based on hatred," the Russian president said.

He pointed out that it was a universal duty "to protect the values of peace and humanity, as well as human life, which is the greatest treasure, from any threats." According to him, Russia and Israel have been closely cooperating in countering attempts to distort history, review the outcome of World War II, deny the Holocaust and the Soviet Union’s leading role in defeating Nazi Germany. "Such attempts must be strongly prevented," the Russian leader stressed.

"We know that people in Israel are still grateful to the Soviet Army and our soldiers who saved the European Jews from annihilation. We particularly value the fact that a monument in honor of defenders and residents of the besieged Leningrad is planned to be erected in Jerusalem," Putin said, adding that "we thank the Israeli authorities and people for such an approach to history," Putin concluded.