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Questioning of ex-journalist by FBI sparks concern in Kremlin

Questionings of journalists or ex-journalists suggest that serious problems are emerging with censorship, the Kremlin spokesman said

MOSCOW, September 12./TASS/. The Kremlin is concerned about the questioning by the FBI of Andrew Feinberg, former journalist of Sputnik news agency, as this suggests the emerging problems with censorship.

"We don’t have detailed information, but in any case questionings of journalists or ex-journalists, but in connection with their journalist activity, clearly don’t speak well for pluralism of opinions and freedom of the media. They rather suggest that serious problems are emerging with censorship and restriction of the field for media work," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"This sparks our concern," he added.

Peskov reiterated that in Russia, the activity of foreign journalists is regulated by the Law on Media. "No censorship is allowed or any persecutions on grounds of information content, and moreover, foreign media outlets are absolutely equalized in their rights with our domestic media outlets," Peskov added.

"Whereas these manifestations (questioning of Feinberg) are a source of concern for us," the Kremlin spokesman reiterated.

In earlier reports, some media outlets said the United States’ FBI questioned Feinberg in connection with accusations of Russian propaganda against Sputnik.