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Moscow worried about unscrupulous war against Soviet monuments in some EU countries

The Russian top diplomat says Moscow is worried about the attempts to revive Nazism

MOSCOW, January 20. /TASS/. Moscow is worried about the attempts to revive Nazism and about the unscrupulous war against monuments to Soviet soldiers in some countries of the European Union, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at opening of the exhibition - Holocaust: Elimination, Liberation, Rescue.

"World War II was the biggest event in the human history, it brought endless suffering and pain," the minister said during the opening ceremony at the Foreign Ministry’s Cultural Center. "Holocaust is a most tragic picture, which will remain forever in memories of the Jewish people and of the entire humanity."

"We have to state regretfully that in many countries, including in the countries, which call themselves developed democracies, are rehabilitating the Nazism, making heroic Hitler’s actions," the foreign minister said. Special worries emerge from the "unscrupulous war against monuments, during which some EU countries destroy and desecrate monuments to Soviet soldiers, who gave their lives for the release of concentration camps prisoners, for Europe’s liberation from the "brown plague," he continued. "Actions of the kind contradict with the UN Charter."