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Russian ambassador does not expect an end to London’s confrontational approach to Moscow

Andrey Kelin noted that there was also no disagreement within the Conservative Party, which was in power

LONDON, March 25. /TASS/. London seeks to take the lead in countering Russia, and therefore one should not expect an end to its confrontational approach in the medium term, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin told TASS.

"London has officially pledged that its main foreign policy goal is to support Ukraine, especially militarily. It is almost impossible to get off this line and the current government, and even the future one that may come after the elections scheduled for next year - it may be representatives of the Labour Party - it is practically impossible. There is a consensus," the ambassador said.

He noted that there was also no disagreement within the Conservative Party, which was in power. "The backbenchers (members of the ruling party who do not hold positions in the government - TASS) are competing to see who will shout more anti-Russian slogans and take a more anti-Russian position. All this will continue, especially since the UK is trying to cement anti-Russian supporters around itself and lead them in the European plan," Kelin said.

The diplomat recalled that in recent weeks alone, representatives from more than 30 countries met in London to discuss the ban on representatives from Russia and Belarus in international sports competitions. An international conference with 40 states to provide additional assistance to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the investigation of war crimes in Ukraine also took place.

"The British leadership seeks to take the lead on all of these issues, and they will not be able to abandon this confrontational approach toward Russia in the near future or in the medium term, unless there are major changes in the plan for the special military operation in Ukraine," Kelin said.