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DPR head says it is inexpedient to organize humanitarian assistance centers in Soledar

Denis Pushilin noted that there are too few residents there

DONETSK, January 22. /TASS/. It is too early to organize humanitarian assistance centers in Soledar as there are too few residents there, acting head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin said on Sunday after visiting the city.

"After visiting Soledar, we reached understanding with a lawmaker who is in charge of relations with the DPR [Russian State Duma (lower parliament house) member Zurab Makiyev] that it is probably inexpedient to organize a humanitarian center at this point, the more so as Wagner PMC guys are offering all-round support for the civilian population, the few people who are still here and who don’t want to leave the city," he said in a video message posted on his Telegram channel.

The Russian defense ministry said earlier that in the evening on January 12 Russian troops had liberated Soledar after days of fierce fighting. According to the ministry’s spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, control over Soledar will make it possible to block channels of supplies to Ukrainian forces in Artyomovsk located southwest of Soledar and later encircle them there.