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Parliament hearing on vapes ban in Russia to be held in 1.5-2 months – lawmaker

The State Duma noted that if the law is adopted, it is planned to establish a transitional period for the reorientation of entrepreneurs involved in this area to other markets

ROSTOV-ON-DON, January 22. /TASS/. Parliament hearings on the ban on sales and use of vapes in Russia can be held within one and a half or two months, said Biysultan Khamzaev, the member of the State Duma [the lower house of the Russian legislative assembly - TASS].

A transitional period is planned to be set for businessmen in order to refocus to other markets in case the law is approved.

"We support a large-scale parliament hearing [on the vape ban bill]. We expect it will be in 1.5 - 2 months. The parliament discussed the case of such kind last time eight years ago, when large-scale anti-tobacco laws were approved in Russia," the lawmaker said. "The national parliament did not hold such discussions long since. There is a need to professionally explain the position that plenty of parents in Russia support the ban on vapes in the country. This poses a deadly threat for children," Khamzaev said.

Entrepreneurs dealing with vape sales will have time to reorient their business if the bill on the ban of e-cigarette sales in Russia is approved. "If the public consent is reached on this matter and the relevant draft law is approved, [the period] will be set for those dealing with vape sales to gradually reorient and leave to other, probably even adjacent market segments," State Duma member Dmitry Vyatkin noted.

Budget losses in case of the draft law approval "are incomparable with expenses born by the country to treat adults and children from diseases caused by e-cigarettes," Khamzaev added.