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Top EU diplomats approve additional $487.8 mln in military aid for Ukraine

It is reported that the foreign ministers of the EU member states also agreed to set up a military training mission for Ukraine

BRUSSELS, October 17. /TASS/. The top diplomats of the 27 member states of the European Union have greenlighted an additional tranche to the tune of 500 million euros (some $487.8 million) in military aid to the Ukrainian armed forces, the press office of the Council of the European Union said in a statement on Monday.

Sixth tranche of 500 million euros

"The Council today adopted additional assistance measures under the European Peace Facility (EPF) to further support the capabilities and resilience of the Ukrainian armed forces," the statement reads. "The sixth tranche worth 500 million euros will now bring the total EU contribution under the EPF for Ukraine to 3.1 billion euros," the EU statement reads.

The statement also noted that: "The scope of the equipment to be provided in the new support package is in line with the current priorities as expressed by the Ukrainian government."

"In this light, the assistance measures consist of 490 million euros for military equipment designed to deliver lethal force for defensive purposes, as well as 10 million euros intended to cover the provision of equipment and supplies, such as personal protective equipment, first aid kits, and fuel. In addition, both assistance measures will also allow for the provision of maintenance and repair of already donated military equipment by EU member states to Ukraine under the EPF."

EU’s military training mission

The foreign ministers of the EU member states also agreed to set up a military training mission for Ukraine, which should become operational on EU soil beginning next month.

"The Council today agreed to set up a Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine)," according to the statement. "The aim of the mission is to contribute to enhancing the military capability of Ukraine’s Armed Forces to effectively conduct military operations, in order to allow Ukraine to defend its territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, effectively exercise its sovereignty and protect civilians," the EU stated.

The statement says: "In response to Ukraine’s request for military support, EUMAM Ukraine will provide individual, collective and specialized training to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, including to their Territorial Defense Forces, and coordination and synchronization of member states’ activities supporting the delivery of training."

"EUMAM Ukraine will operate in the territory of the EU member states and will have its Operational Headquarters within the EEAS in Brussels in order to ensure overall coordination at the strategic level. Vice Admiral Herve Blejean, the Director of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) within the EEAS, will be the Mission Commander," it says.

"The mandate of the non-executive mission will initially last two years, and the financial reference amount for the common costs for this period will be EUR 106.7 million," according to the statement.

"The mission will ensure coordination with member states’ bilateral activities in support of Ukraine, as well as with other like-minded international partners, and will be open to participation of third states," the Council of the European Union added.