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Russia has reliable algorithm of response to Western pressure — intelligence director

Sergey Naryshkin also pointed out fundamental difference in Western and Russian common human values

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. Russia has long got used to constant harassment from the West, but, during its long history, the Russian people developed a reliable algorithm of response to such external pressure, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergey Naryshkin said as the Moscow Conference on International Security on Thursday.

"As opposed to the Western liberal pseudo-values, Russia and the majority of countries protect the true common human values: respect for one’s parents, caring about children, historical, cultural and spiritual ties to the place of birth and residence, adherence to virtues, and, finally, the right of the people for independent development. With such fundamental difference in values, it should not come as a surprise that problems exist in the political dialogue between Russia and the West, and that the US and the EU seek to write off all their internal problems as Moscow’s so-called malicious activity," he said.

"Russia is no stranger to being targeted by the Western harassment. During over 1,000 years of its history, the Russian people have developed a reliable algorithm of response to such external pressure: a consolidation of the society, the increased national defense potential, strengthening of economic, financial and technological independence," Naryshkin underscored.

According to the official, the coronavirus pandemic has proven that Russia can "successfully deal with the most difficult of challenges even amid the non-legal pressure from a significant portion of the Euro-Atlantic group of states".