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Washington supports Russian organizations aimed at containment of Russia — Putin

The Congress declared Russia its enemy and adversary in 2017, the Russian President reminded

GENEVA, June 16. /TASS/. Washington declared Moscow its enemy and supports Russian organizations, whose actions are aimed at containment of Russia, President Vladimir Putin told journalists after the Russia-US summit in Geneva.

"The US has declared Russia its enemy and adversary. The Congress did that in 2017. […] Now let’s consider: if Russia is an enemy, what kind of organizations would the US support in Russia? I doubt the ones that reinforce the Russian Federation, but rather those that constrain it. This is the US’s goal that was declared publicly," Putin said.

Russian President noted that the US legislation has been amended with the clause stipulating that the "US must support the rules and order of democratic governance" in Russia and "support political organizations."

"These are organizations and people, who facilitate the US [foreign] policy on the Russian direction. How should we treat this? I think, it’s clear: we must treat it with caution, but proceed solely within the framework of the Russian law," Putin concluded.