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Putin urges to adopt systemic measures to resolve conflicts in Syria, Libya

He also called to jointly fight terrorism and climate change

NOVO OGARYOVO, October 22. /TASS/. The international community must take systemic measures to resolve the crises in Syria and Libya, to fight terrorism and climate change, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the Valdai discussion club Thursday.

"You said that conflicts returned when the situation got better," he said, answering a question on changes in global politics after the pandemic. "But, actually, they did not go anywhere. Many people talk about the second wave; that things have returned to this spring. But take a look at Nagorno-Karabakh - this conflict has not gone anywhere."

"It is not about conflicts," the Russian leader said. "I believe that, no matter how much the need for a fight unites the international community, we must adopt systemic measures in order to resolve old problems. This is true for the Middle East, the Libyan crisis, terrorism, even the ecology.".