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Russian delegation briefly walks out of Contact Group meeting to cut off-the-point talk

Earlier in the day, Kiev government’s envoy to Contact Group said Russian delegation left the hall during Ukraine's statement on Kerch Strait incident

MOSCOW, December 5. The Russian delegation to the Contact Group on settlement in eastern Ukraine had to briefly walk out of the conference hall on Tuesday when a matter not related to the Minsk agreements was raised by the Ukrainian side, a source in the delegation told TASS.

"The Russian delegation left the conference hall for five minutes in order not to take part in discussions not related to the format of the Minsk talks. Therefore, a constructive discussion of today’s agenda was preserved in Minsk," the source said.

Earlier in the day, Ukrainian parliament’s deputy speaker and the Kiev government’s envoy to the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group, Irina Gerashchenko, said on her Facebook page that the Russian delegation left the hall when the Ukrainian side tried to make a statement on the recent incident in the Kerch Strait.