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Turkey’s death toll from earthquake surpasses 4,500 — officials

It is reported that 5,775 building had collapsed in the earthquake-hit areas

ANKARA, February 7. /TASS/. Turkey’s death toll from the two recent earthquakes has risen to 4,544 and more than 26,000 people suffered injuries, Orhan Tatar, head of the risk reduction department at the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, said in televised remarks.

"As of this moment we have 4,544 people killed and 26,721 injured," he said.

Tatar said 455 aftershocks had been registered in Turkey since the first quake, most of them of magnitude 3 to 6.

The agency said 5,775 building had collapsed in the earthquake-hit areas.

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit southeastern Turkey on Monday. The tremors and hundreds of aftershocks that followed were felt across 10 provinces of the country and in neighboring countries including Syria. Another earthquake struck a while later.