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Quadrotors with bombs used to attack Isfahan facility — agency

The IRNA news agency added that the facility’s defense was reinforced following previous attacks

TEHRAN, January 29. /TASS/. The attack on an Iranian defense ministry facility in Isfahan was carried out with the use of three quadrotors with small bombs, the IRNA news agency reported on Sunday, siting its sources.

According to the sources, having heard quadrotors, the facility’s defense forces tried to thwart the attack with the use of an electronic warfare system. One drone was intercepted. Another one lost contact with the GPS system and fell down into the facility’s roof. The third one, which sustained the least damage, was handed over to the security forces.

The facility’s defense was reinforced following previous attacks, the agency said, adding that this is why the damage from the latest attack was insignificant.

The IRNA news agency reported on Sunday night that a powerful explosion rocked the city of Isfahan in central Iran. Later, the Iranian defense ministry said that a drone attack had been attempted on one of its centers at about 23:30 local time on Saturday. One drone was downed and the other two got into defensive traps and exploded. No one was hurt, minor damage was incurred. However, Tehran did not say who it thought was responsible for the attack.