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Kara Sea may become Russia’s fishing center

According to the fishing authority, the Kara Sea’s advantage is that it is a shelf sea, it does not border any territorial waters of other states

MURMANSK, March 14. /TASS/. The Kara Sea may become a promising fishing area, including in fishing of certain rare species, Sergey Golovanov of the Federal Agency for Fishing told the 5th international conference of fishing in the Arctic, organized in Murmansk on Wednesday.

"A promising fishing area is the Kara Sea," the fishing authority’s head of the Science and Education Department said. "We shall present soon a program on development of promising fishing in the Kara Sea."

According to the official, the Kara Sea’s advantage for the fishing industry is that it is a shelf sea, it does not border any territorial waters of other states. "This is why Russia can have own fishing regulations there," he said.

Though the Atlantic’s warm straits influence the Kara Sea only little, and thus it freezes in winter, and also though much sweet water gets into it, the Kara Sea is an area, which fits the fauna’s certain species. This is confirmed by studies of the Polar Fishing and Ocean Studies Institute (Murmansk), which began almost 20 years earlier, but the active phase was in 2011-2014.

Scientists confirmed halibut living in the sea, though formerly specialists believed it lived only in the Norwegian or Greenland Seas. The Kara Sea is also rich in polar cod, capelin, in flounder, perch and snow crab. "We forecast a possible growth of crab, like it was in the Barents Sea," the official said.

The Kara Sea’s ecology system is balanced and stable, thus it is a promising fishing.