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List of businessmen wishing to return from the UK to Russia includes 16 names

On February 3, Russia’s business ombudsman Boris Titov handed the list to President Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW, February 7. /TASS/. The list of businessmen wishing to return from the UK to Russia, made by business ombudsman Boris Titov, includes 16 names, according to the document that was obtained by TASS.

On February 3, Russia’s business ombudsman Boris Titov handed a list of Russian entrepreneurs, who stay in the UK hiding from legal responsibility in Russia, whose cases could be reviewed, to President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier Titov said that he would petition to exclude those entrepreneurs whose fault does not seem to be proven from the list of the Intrepol.

The list made by Titov included Alexei Shmatko (a businessman from Penza, who is facing charged of fraud as part of a large criminal group, in 2012 he was put on the international wanted list), Azamat Kilgushev (former director of OOO Uralo-Povolzhskaya construction company), Sergei Kapchuk (former lawmaker from the Sverdlovsk region who is facing charges of fraud including the acquisition of an apartment in Moscow for 2 bln rubles), Georgiy Trefilov (founder and ex-co-owner of the Martha Holding that went bankrupt), Alexei Bazhanov (ex-Deputy Minister of Agriculture), Vasily Dyakun (ex-deputy director of the Omsk Center for Support of the Construction Complex of the First Guild of Builders).

The list also includes Konstantin Djulgerov (the founder of the retail network selling consumer goods in Nizhnevartovsk, a criminal investigation into fraud was launched against that network in 2010) and Andrei Kakovkin a businessman from Rostov.

In addition, the list includes the former leadership of the Kvartstroy company from Nizhny Novgorod, Alexander Delis, Pavel Vlasyuk and Alexander Baigushev, who, according to information from local media, were put on the wanted list in connection with illegal fundraising of equity holders.

The list also includes Russian businessmen Yevgeny Ryzhov, Viktor Lamash, Leonid Kuraev, Yevgeny Petrov and Vladimir Zyuzin.