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Russian Finance Ministry does not plan to impose tax on currency transactions

The measure is not on the ministry's agenda

MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS/. The Russian Finance Ministry does not plan to introduce taxation of currency exchange operations, Deputy Minister Ilya Trunin told reporters on Monday.

"We do not plan to introduce any taxes on such operations. The only point that the forex law was adopted but this is an absolutely different story. This was the story occurred either three or four years ago, when a letter was issued that was wrongly interpreted. We said at that time that this is not related to currency exchange operations, that it is impossible to determine the revenue when making the currency exchange operation," the official said.

This does not refers to the currency exchange charge, Trunin said.

"The currency exchange charge is a matter of banks, it may or may not be present. We do not have this in the agenda," he noted.