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Russia hopes to increase grain sales to Sudan — Putin

Russia and Sudan are developing ties in the economic sphere, Putin says

SOCHI, November 23. /TASS/. Russia hopes to increase sales of grain to Sudan to 1 mln tonnes, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday at the meeting with President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir.

"Sudan is a major buyer of our grain. We expect to increase the volume of grain sold to your market up to 1 mln tonnes," Putin said.

Russia and Sudan are developing their relations in the economic sphere, the Russian leader said. Total volume is not high so far but growth rates are good, Putin noted. According to statistics, turnover surged 60% in the last year and already 80% in nine months of this year, he said.

The two countries have good prospects in the economic sphere, particularly in energy, exploration and resources swapping. Putin said. "Prospects are in place not merely in the hydrocarbons sector but also in the electric power industry and peaceful nuclear development," the Russian President added.