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Volkswagen and Daimler inspected in European Commission’s antimonopoly probes

The compamies are cooperating with authorities in full scope

BERLIN, October 23. /TASS/. Antimonopoly authorities of the European Union performed checks of German automakers Volkswagen and Daimler. Representatives of both companies confirmed the fact of checks to TASS on Monday.

"We confirm that the current antitrust investigations by the EU Commission, which the press have reported on over the past few days, are also directed at Volkswagen. As part of an announced review, the EU Commission examined documents in the offices of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg (and AUDI AG in Ingolstadt)," Head of Corporate Communications with Volkswagen AG Eric Felber said.

"The Volkswagen Group and the Group brands concerned have been cooperating fully and for a long time with the European Commission and have submitted a corresponding application. It is not yet clear whether the European Commission will instigate formal proceedings," Felber said.

Checks were also performed in Daimler’s office on Monday, a representative of the company told TASS. "This is an additional inspection. It was announced in advance and should not be called a search," she said. Daimler "is cooperating with authorities in full scope," the representative added.

The European Commission announced earlier on Monday that it performed inspections in offices of German automakers suspected by Brussels in violations of antimonopoly laws. Inspections in BMW office took place on Friday.