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ERS satellites to be created in cooperation with Belarus — Gazprom SPKA

According to First Deputy CEO Sergey Masalov, the first satellite is slated for launching in 2027

MOSCOW, April 16. /TASS/. Specialists from Belarus will create a portion of components for Smotr-V high-detail orbital survey satellites that will be part of the Gazprom Space Systems’ satellite constellation, according to the presentation of First Deputy CEO of Gazprom SPKA Sergey Masalov.

"Manufacturing by Gazprom SPKA. Components provision by the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus," the presentation indicates. The first satellite is slated for launching in 2027.

According to Gazprom SPKA, Smotr-V satellites will be used to monitor security zones of trunk gas pipelines and will be capable of detecting natural gas leak with the sensitivity up to 350 cubic meters per hour.