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Basaltic porphyry deposit is discovered in Nenets Region

This stone will be used at the region’s construction sites

TASS, October 9. A deposit of basaltic porphyry, which may be used in construction, was discovered in the Nenets Region, the regional administration’s press service said on Thursday.

"A deposit of basaltic porphyry has been discovered in the Nenets Region," the press service said. "This stone will be used at the region’s construction sites."

The Vostochnotointinsky deposit of basaltic porphyry is in the region’s north-east. Its industrial resources are estimated at about 3.5 million cubic meters. Projected resources are estimated at 30 million cubic meters. The highly-strong stone crush may be used in all kinds of construction without limitation.

Basaltic porphyry is a material for civil and industrial construction. The strong stone is used for paving sidewalks, facing facades and plinths.