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Hainan's Haikou approves import and export bureau for international communications

By 2025, the Chinese government intends to create an "international center for tourism and consumption" on Hainan

HAIKOU, August 13. /TASS/. Hainan's Office for Industry and IT has approved the establishment of a regional bureau for the import and export of international communications services in Haikou, reported

A request to create such a structure came from China Mobile Communications Group. This bureau, the news outlet writes, will be a breakthrough in building an international communications network for Hainan's free trade port. The bureau will provide services for establishing connections between the communication networks of Chinese and foreign telecom operators.

The creation of the structure is part of the June program for the construction of Hainan's free trade port. Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and IT also approved the creation of a special Internet channel for Hainan's free trade port. Improving the Hainan free trade port's ability to provide international data services will lay a solid foundation for an international information and communication hub in the future, as well as boost related industries.

Earlier, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Сhinese State Council published the “General Program for the Establishment of a Free Port on Hainan,” according to which the island’s administration intends to create an effective system to fulfill a number of important social and economic goals by 2025, and within 10 years to decisively enhance the innovative mechanisms for the region's development.  

By 2025, the Chinese government intends to create an "international center for tourism and consumption" on Hainan. In order to do so, the "Eastern Hawaii" with their unique natural landscapes, thick rainforests and great climate will establish a developed network of hotels, which blend perfectly with white sandy beaches stretching along the coastline. The combination of an exotic subtropical nature and a modern eco-friendly infrastructure will boost tourist inflow to the island from the most distant parts of the world.