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Ex-Minister Abyzov's personal property worth $327.6 mln arrested, says lawyer

MOSCOW, July 11. / TASS /. City of Moscow courts arrested the property of ex-Minister of Open Government, Mikhail Abyzov, accused of fraud, in the amount of 20.6 bln rubles ($327.6 mln), his laywer Sergei Drozda said in court on Thursday, where the investigators petitioned the court to arrest company shares belonging to Abyzov,

"The property and cash have already been arrested, in the amount that is several times greater than the damage, totaling 20.6 mln," Drozda said

Abyzov that he is perplexed by the arbitrariness of the investigating authorities. "Now we have arrested property and funds worth 20 billion rubles. The law of the strongest is in effect, I am caged, so anything can be done, which is what the investigating authorities are doing,".