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Belarus regards presence of Russian military installations as beneficial

Minsk does not plan to set up new foreign military facilities on its territory

MINSK, January 17. /TASS/. Belarus does not plan to set up new foreign military facilities on its territory, as it considers the operation of two Russian military installations as beneficial, the Movement for Freedom press service cited on Wednesday Belarusian Defense Minister Andrey Ravkov during a meeting with the movement’s leader Yury Gubarevich.

"Today two Russian military facilities are operating in Belarus, in the Gantsevichi and Vileyka, and no other [installations] are expected to be set up," Ravkov stated. The minister also said that these facilities "are useful, and it is unclear who and why brings up the subject of the appearance of new (bases - TASS)."

Ravkov explained that thanks to the Russian military installations, the Belarusian side receives information on the rocket-and-space situation, as well as the access to the Russian military ranges. Jobs were created in these facilities for the locals, he added.

The Russian facilities

In accordance with the intergovernmental agreement signed in Minsk on January 6, 1995, Russia leased for a 25-year term all immovable property and land plots on which the 474th Baranovichi separate radiotechnical station (Brest Region) and the 43rd Russian Navy signal station (Minsk Region) are located.

Both facilities do not have a military base status. According to the agreement, fees are not charged for the lease of the facilities, and in compensation the Russian side provides information on the rocket and space situation to Belarus, along with its military ranges for field firing.

The lease period expires in 2020. Pursuant to the agreement of 1995, the issue of the further use by the Russian Armed Forces of these military installations is to be settled in 2018.